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The future of Valencia’s Mestalla still uncertain

Valencia - Nou MestallaValencia - Nou MestallaThe new Valencia owner, Singapore billionaire Peter Lim, has withdrawn a previously made statement about the completion of construction of Nou Mestalla, which is again far from being finished. At present, the Spanish club are facing enormous financial problems, so the new Mestalla has stopped being a priority. When will Valencia fans watch matches at a new stadium? They have been waiting for it for seven long years and it seems that they will wait for at least five more years, having only a stadium under construction to pass by.

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Celtic Park – the largest stadium in Scotland

Glasgow - Celtic ParkGlasgow - Celtic ParkCeltic Park, with a capacity of 60,832, is the largest stadium in Scotland, the seventh largest stadium in Great Britain and also one of the oldest stadiums in the world. Its history began on 13th August 1892. Over the years Celtic Park underwent renovation works in 1898 and then in 1929. Between 1957 and 1971 floodlights were installed. As time went by it became obvious that the stadium needed further modernization. Especially in the 1980s it was clear that something should be done about the old stadium.

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The new San Mamés is the pride of the Basque Country

Bilbao - San Mamés BarriaBilbao - San Mamés BarriaEstadio San Mamés, the home ground of the Spanish club Athletic Bilbao, can be seen in all its splendour from September 2014. Figuratively speaking, it is a grandson of the old stadium of the same name, where the club had played their home matches for nearly a hundred years. Unfortunately, the old stadium could not offer such comfort as modern stadiums can. The new San Mamés is a truly worthy successor to the old one. The project to build a new stadium for one of the most successful clubs in the history of Spanish league was approved in March 2006.

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Fulham originally to play at Chelsea stadium

London - Stamford BridgeLondon - Stamford BridgeStamford Bridge is currently the fourth largest stadium in London, the eighth largest stadium in the Premier League and the tenth largest stadium in England. Built in 1877, it was originally an athletics track, situated on the boundary between the districts of Fulham and Chelsea, in the south-west London. Following a change of ownership in 1904, the stadium was offered as a home ground to Fulham F.C. The club refused, so the owners, Joseph and Gus Mears decided to found their own football club. Thus, since 1905 the history of Chelsea F.C. and its home ground, Stamford Bridge, has been made.

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Venues for the 2014 World Cup Brazil - Estádio Beira-Rio

Porto Alegre - Estadio Beira-RioPorto Alegre - Estadio Beira-RioOne of the twelve host cities of the 2014 World Cup is Porto Alegre in the South of Brazil. The local stadium Beira-Rio was completely renovated in 2010 – 2014 and its final capacity is 60,000 people. The most interesting feature of the stadium is the roof consisting of 65 enormous membranes resembling palm leaves. The roof thus makes the stadium architectonically unique among other stadiums in the world.

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Venues for the 2014 World Cup Brazil - Estadio Mineirao

Belo Horizonte - Estadio MineiraoBelo Horizonte - Estadio MineiraoEstadio MineiraornAnother stadium which will provide venue for the 2014 World Cup is the stadium Mineirao in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte. The renovation of the former Estadio Mineirao was begun in July 2010 and completed in 2013.rnUsually, when stadiums are largely renovated or new stadiums are built, the real cost is much higher than the planned cost. However, this case is an exception. According to original plans, the renovation was supposed to cost 700 million BRL, but in reality it cost 695 million BRL.

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Venues for the 2014 World Cup Brazil - Arena Corinthians

Sao Paulo - Arena CorinthiansSao Paulo - Arena CorinthiansAnother new stadium was built in Sao Paulo for the purpose of hosting the 2014 World Cup matches. The construction of the Arena Corinthians, which has a capacity of 65,807, was completed in 2014. After the World Cup the stadium will become the home of the well-known Brazilian club SC Corinthians Paulista. The construction of this stadium was among the last of all the newly constructed stadiums to begin. Despite some serious problems, which occurred during the construction, everything is now ready for the World Cup matches.

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