Capacity of Liverpool’s Anfield increased to 54,000

Liverpool - Anfield (photo: Pituitry)Liverpool - Anfield (photo: Pituitry) 17.10.2016: Anfield, the legendary stadium in Liverpool, has undergone renovation in the past two years – this was carried out to the Main Stand in particular. On the occasion, two tiers were added, increasing the capacity by 8,000 seats. However, before the redevelopment had begun, Liverpool had to deal with various problems and the beginning of renovation works had to be postponed. But now that all the problems have been solved, Anfield can offer space for more than 54,000 spectators. d being the sixth (capacity: 49,000).

Thanks to the increased capacity, Anfield is now the fifth largest stadium in Premier League (going up one place), with the Stadium of Light in Sunderland being the sixth (capacity: 49,000).

Extension of Main Stand: Preparations for extension of the Main Stand were begun in June 2014 – houses standing in the vicinity of the Stand were demolished. Buying up the land took several years and it was one the biggest obstacles in the way of the redevelopment. In December 2014 foundations were laid behind the existing Main Stand and three months later, construction of two new tiers, with the capacity of 8,000 seats, began. Finally, the old roof was removed and the capacity of the new, three-tier Main Stand was brought up to 21,000 seats. The capacity of the entire stadium has increased to 54,167 seats.


Anfield’s Main Stand after recnstruction, Capacity: 54,167

Foto: Mike Pennington (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Foto: Paul Townley

Opening the new Anfield:
The stadium did not have to be closed in the course of the extension works and Liverpool played their home matches there as usually, with only one exception. As the final stage of the redevelopment was underway, Liverpool played their last “home” match prior the opening of the new Anfield at the stadium in Burnley. The new Anfield was officially opened on 10th September in a match against Leicester, the new Premier League Champions (4-1). It is expected that as before and even with the increased capacity the stadium will still be packed to capacity for all Liverpool home matches.

Record attendance at Anfield: It is probable that the stadium will be filled to its capacity of 54,000 for every match. However, it is clear that the record for the highest attendance – 61,905 spectators – set in 1952, will not be shattered for some time. It might be beaten in the future, if other stands are extended too. It will be a challenge for many football fans, and especially those cheering for The Reds, to visit the new Anfield. |


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